If you are in need or know someone who is you can fill out this dhyf-assistance-form and request financial assistance from us.  This is why we do all the fundraising!  The form can be mailed back to us at the address below.

We have held  Comedy NightsCut-a-ThonsWalkathonsMotorcycle Runs and Golf Tournaments over the years to raise money for the foundation.

Since 2011, annual efforts include the adoption of several families in need who’s loved ones are undergoing treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. These are typically young families with financial hardships that we support with gifts and supermarket gift cards during the holidays.

In 2011, an annual scholarship was established in Danielle’s name for a student pursuing a degree in health care at North Shore Community College. In addition we have given monitary gifts to individual cancer patients who are struggling financially due to their battle with cancer.

100% of our proceeds are paid forward to those who are struggling with cancer.

Again, please don’t hesitate to fill out the paperwork dhyf-assistance-form and request financial assistance from us if you are in need & are fighting cancer.

Lenora Dawson c/o DHYF
200 Boxford Rd,
Rowley MA 01969

Recipients include, but not limited to:

Laurie Hodges: Georgetown MA – $350 – Lung Cancer
Lisa Basler: Chelmsford MA – $1500 – Angiosarcoma Cancer
Edmund DeAlmeida: Beverly MA – $1000 – Lung Cancer 
Elizabeth Lake: Salem MA – $350.00 – Brain Cancer/Sa
rcoma Cancer.
Deborah Thomsen: Derry, NH – $500 Lung & Breast Cancer
Marie Ferland: Salisbury, MA – $500 Mucoepidermoid-Carcinoma of the Nasophary NX
John Melia: West Bridgewater, MA – $500 Osteo Sarcoma
Courtney McMurray: West Bridgewater, MA – $500 Osteo Sarcoma
Melissa Rivard: Leominster, MA – $500 Secondary Glioblastorna
Cindy Holden-Amor: Georgetown, MA – $500 Breast Cancer
Kerry Thyne: Beverly, MA – $550 Thyroid/Breast Cancer
Robert Bertone: Seabrook, NH – $550 Bladder Cancer
Elizabeth Burkhart: Westlake, OH – $550 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
Robert Perrigo: Essex, MA – $550 Lung Cancer
Alyssa Smith: Tewksbury, MA – $700 Invasive Ductile Carcinoma
Judy Lombard: Haverhill, MA – $750
DeEtta Egbert: Grand Island, NE – $600 Brain Tumor/Hemangiopericytoma
Nancy Duchard: Reading, MA – $600 Gastro Intestinal Stomach Tumor
Charlene Foss: Beverly, MA – $600 Rectal Cancer
Carla DeMarco: Beverly, MA – $600 Amploistic Castracycoma
Charlee Jacques: Wilmington, MA – $750 High Risk Neuroblastomas & OMAS
Ann Marie Bertone: Gloucester, MA – $750 Lung Cancer
Pauline Riley: Danvers, MA – $1400 Ovarian Cancer
Jennifer Cipriani: Lexington, MA – $800 Lung Cancer
Eugene Certelli: Plant City, FL – $750 Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Joanne Pantapas: Peabody, MA – $800 Ovaria Cancer

Dan Farber: Christmas giving to cancer patients and families – 2011, 2012 and 2013 

Kids Kingdom Park: Rowley MA  
2012: Silver Sponsor of $2400 in 2012
2014: $1500 partnering with Solace For Stephanie Foundation in support of cancer patients